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🎨 Curio Draco's Terms of Service

Updated November 2021

Prior to hiring me for art, please take a few moments to read over what to expect from me! If you've looked it over and still have questions, feel free to contact me!

If you're interested in working with me, I have commission forms available on this site, or you may contact me directly via any of the available points of contact detailed here.

I try to keep my current completion time to within one month, so with that in mind my general availability could change at any moment. You can see my current queue at any time. If I'm unable to take a commission at the time you want it, a wait-list option is available and I can contact you as soon as I have time open.

I reserve the right to deny or quit/refund a commission for any reason.

✔️ Will Draw:
Almost anything, including NSFW!

My NO list is detailed below, but here are some of the things I tend to lean into when I create: 

~Cute stuff
~Silly stuff
~Surreal dreamlike stuff

🛑 Will Not Draw:
~ scenes specifically intended to carry a message of hate.

~ illustrations copying another independent artist’s style.

~ fanart of characters that do not belong to you, either in popular media or someone's personal Original Characters (commissioning gift art for other folks/their personal OCs may be ok case by case, feel free to ask).

  *Original and uniquely different fan-based personal characters are OK. I will do my best to replicate the visual style of the source material (TLK, Balto, etc) if you prefer. I may make exceptions on a case by case basis.

~ scat/watersports.
~ any characters that are or could look underage in exploitative situations. ("actually she's 30 but looks 10" will not be accepted)
~ extreme gore or torture.
~ NSFW "ferals" (as in any animal that exists in reality. Fantasy beasts such as dragons or gryphons that are generally accepted as sapient/capable of consent are open for consideration.)


🟡 Not favored or not particularly good at for now, but will still draw...(might cost extra): 
~Mechanical stuff
~Dynamic perspectives

~Logo/Design-ey Stuff



You will recieve:

๑    (for most things, excluding sketch commissions and other quick/small things) 2 files; a smaller watermarked jpg version that may be shared anywhere, and a hi-res copy that is intended for private use only. The hi-res copy will generally be at least ~2000px in minimum dimension, in png format. Just let me know if you prefer a different format.

๑    (traditional media work only) The physical original, a hi-res scanned digital copy, and the smaller watermarked/shareable digital copy.

๑    With all traditional media badge commissions you will also receive a scanned hi-res copy of the work suitable for printing a replacement if ever needed.

๑    My everlasting gratitude for supporting my work ♥

๑   !!Please Note! If you ever lose your files, or even your originals (I keep an original scan of everything in case a print is ever wanted) please feel free to contact me for replacements. I never get rid of anything.

✔️You may:✔️ (This is stuff you don't even have to ask permission for, it's already granted!)

๑  ✔️ Crop part of your commission for use as an icon. Mention of credit in the profile of whatever site you use it on is preferred, but not necessary.


๑  ✔️ Publish the smaller low-res file. You may put this on your own gallery, or share it wherever you like.
--Please do not wait for me to publish first! I don’t always publish everything, for many many different reasons (including, that sometimes I just don’t get around to it. I work a day job in addition to my art, I’m very busy, and I just don’t always manage to stay on top of it all.)

To credit me for the work. you may cite my twitter, FA, web site, whatever works for you that links back to my work in some way.

๑  ✔️ Print a copy of your commission for private use at home.

๑  ✔️ Ask for your commission files again if you ever lose them. Hard drives crash, accidents happen, but I keep backups of everything and I'd be happy to provide the files again if ever needed. Even if it was a physical original, I can still print a copy to somewhat replace it)

๑    (Digital only)✔️ Opt for an upgrade to any higher level of completion (where applicable) within 2 years of its original creation.

๑    (Digital only) ✔️ Request changes at a later date. If your character's appearance has changed in some way and you wish to have that reflected in your old commission (within 2 years of original completion), I'll be happy to work with you on making those changes. The cost for these changes will be determined on a case by case basis, depending on how many details will need to be re-worked and the working style your commission was originally completed in.

🛑You may NOT:🛑


๑  🛑 Alter your commission images in any way 

     (aside from cropping for use as an icon). 
Please contact me first if you ever wish to have it altered by yourself or someone else. This includes coloring. I probably won’t say no, I just want to know about it!


๑  🛑 Publish or share the hi-res file version of your commission.
     Edits and art theft are easier for people to do with hi-res images, and I prefer that it not be freely available to public domain for this reason. Additionally, hi-res works are provided as an exclusive privilege to paying customers. This rule is intended to protect my work and any depicted character/s. Please respect it.


๑  🛑 Print a copy of your commission to sell.

     Again, you may print a copy for your own private use, but you cannot sell it. 
๑๑ Any commercial use of my work must be specifically and explicitly negotiated and agreed upon by both parties in a separate contract.

๑  🛑 Use my work for NFT purposes.

     No. Absolutely not. My work is not to be used for NFTs or anything to do with blockchains. Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned artwork for non-fungible tokens, Use of the artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited. 

     If you find my work being used for NFTs, please contact me so I can deal with it accordingly, as this was not authorized and is now stolen work. 


•    I accept PayPal and Square Cash payments. When I accept your commission I will either send you an invoice or a link to a payment page via PayPal or Square Cash, depending on the nature of the commission.

•    Please make payment upfront to secure the work ordered. If I have received commission information, and no payment or reply is made within 7 days of my reply with confirmation to proceed, your commission will be considered forfeit and you will lose that spot in the queue.


Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis, and variable depending on if work has already been started on it and how much time has already been given to working on it. You may contact me to inquire about a refund at any time should you ever feel one necessary, and I'll do what I can to work with you.

•    If a commission is cancelled after it has been started, I reserve the right to re-purpose the work for other things.

•    I reserve the right to terminate a commission at any time. You would be entitled to a full refund if this happens.

The Process and Work Queue:

•    For most work, I will check in with a sketch where any reasonable changes may be requested, prior to completion. Please note that with few exceptions, basically all of my work starts as a digital sketch, including many things that are finished in traditional media.


•    Commissions are listed in my queue by order of request, pending payment. If payment is not made within 7 days of the agreement, or you have not otherwise contacted me to specify alternative arrangements, the placement in queue is considered forfeit and removed.


•    I will usually have several commissions in progress at once. This is to avoid burning out on any one piece, and so I can take a break from it to look at it again with fresh eyes to more easily spot anatomy or layout discrepancies. For the most part, they are worked in groups by earliest ordered/paid.


•    I will contact you If I feel like a commission might take significantly longer than the originally agreed upon amount of time.


Requesting changes:

•    For most items (except where specifically stated otherwise) once I've started your commission, you will be shown an initial sketch for approval prior to completion. You may request any reasonable changes at this time, and upon approval it will be completed in the chosen media and style.

•    For more detailed illustrations, I may check in multiple times to make sure it's coming along to your liking, as it is much more difficult to make changes after a certain point.

•    Major changes may be subject to an additional fee depending on how much time it would take, and whether or not you had an opportunity to be clear about it before it was completed.

•    Visual details (such as markings, certain limbs/extremities, etc) that were possibly missed in the “finished” commission, but clearly detailed in a ref or established prior to working on it, will be added in at no extra cost if pointed out. I make mistakes and can sometimes overlook details, but I’m willing to fix them. 



•    Nearly all digital commissions pending or completed have the option of upgrading to a higher level of completion, where applicable. The cost will be determined on a case by case basis depending on the requested details.

•    After completion, for some kinds of work, you have the option of upgrading if you ever want additional work done, or if you'd like to have your character's appearance updated because you've made changes. This offer is valid for 2 years only. 

•    Please note that there is the possibility that I might not be able to accommodate your request, as there are a lot of variables that affect my ability to offer this. But for the most part, there's a good chance I can do something to work with you.

Private Commissions:

•    You have the option of keeping commissions completely private, just specify when you order your commission. This means it will not be published or included in any kind of distribution.

•    Alternatively you may request that you simply be allowed to remain anonymous, but still allow publishing of your commission. In this case I would not name you in my upload description, or in the file name.

NSFW Commissions:

•    Are only available to folks who have supported one of my NSFW art feeds, either on Telegram or Discord (they're the same and access to one gives access to both). More information on how to do that can be found here.


•    I no longer publish my NSFW art in publicly viewable spaces, but folks are still welcome to publish their NSFW commissions from me to their own galleries, with credit (You may cite my twitter, FA, web site, whatever works for you that links back to my work in some way).

Shipping and Handling:

• Some work may require shipping. All traditional media works are signed and sprayed with a fixative. Prints are also signed individually. All items of appropriate size are kept in individual plastic sleeves, and shipped in sturdy cardboard document envelopes marked clearly "Do not bend". Larger than usual items will be handled case by case.


• Shipping cost is in addition to the base commission price, and will be determined at the time it is ready to be shipped. Will ship to anywhere in the world, where not prohibited.

What I will do with the work:

•    I reserve the right to publish, not publish, move, remove, or redistribute my work at my own discretion, unless otherwise arranged at the time of commission.

***  I may not publish a finished commission right away and there are many reasons this may happen. Please do not wait for me to publish your commission first! You're welcome to put it on your own gallery/ies (with credit) whenever you like, you do not need to wait (or insist) for me to do it first.

~This means I reserve the right to publish it in my galleries (Furaffinity, Patreon, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc) as I see fit, use it as a promotional example, or possibly include in a special hi-res distribution*. (*Order forms now include the option to opt-in or out of an eventual hi-res distribution)

~I will not generally sell prints of a commission. If I feel that your commission would make a good print, I will ask first.
•    If a commission has been cancelled by you or myself after it has been started, after a refund I reserve the right to re-purpose the existing work for other things.



You may contact me at any time about your commission.
Please check the commission queue first, if you're concerned about when I will work on yours, as the status may already be detailed there!
If you feel there is an error in my queue list or other processing, I will not be offended if you contact me to fix it. I try to keep on top of everything, but I do sometimes slip and I encourage anyone to point out if I have done so.

Please allow 24-48 business hours for a reply.

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