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Pay What You Want Commissions

Please read my Terms Of Service prior to commissioning me!
Everything you'll need to know will be detailed there. Thanks!

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So here's how the Pay What You Want Thing works:

You provide certain details and what you want to pay, and I make the art happen. It's more open-ended than other kinds of commissions and great for folks who aren't too picky. I feel some of my best work is done in this way. 


Normally, a decently detailed sketch starts at $40, and a reasonably detailed (speedpaint) full color, full body single character with a Very simple background starts at around $100, to give a range.


How a commission is visually completed is determined by how much detail is wanted, how complicated, and how familiar I already am with the content, weighed against how much was paid for the time.

--​Detailed Order Form--

You have more input on how it's finished

--Basic Order Form--

For folks who don't mind a more open-ended result

*Please note NSFW commissions will only be available to folks who have supported my NSFW art feed!

You can find out more here.


For refunds of recent work you may contact me directly.

For refunds from really old stuff, go here. Backlog stuff.

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