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$40 Speedpaint Sketch Commissions

Please read my Terms Of Service prior to commissioning me!
Everything you'll need to know will be detailed there. Thanks!

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There's a bit more to it than a sketch, but not quite a full digital painting. Kinda messy and unrefined.

• $40 is for one full body character of average detail, minimal/no background. 

• Limit up to 2 characters
-- Additional character will cost an additional $30, subject to additional cost per extra details.

• Wings and other extra details will cost extra, determined on a case by case basis.
**"Extra details" meaning intricate markings or tattoos, excess of jewelery, highly detailed clothing, extra background elements, etc

• No Hi-res version (unless you really really want it otherwise it's not worth the extra hassle to prepare the file. Just ask.) 

• These sketches will generally be monochrome but (at my own discretion) I may throw in accent colors or other embellishments that would enhance the final drawing.

*Please note NSFW commissions will only be available to folks who have supported my NSFW art feed!

You can find out more here.


For refunds of recent work you may contact me directly.

For refunds from really old stuff, go here. Backlog stuff.

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